Posted Monday, Jun 5th, 2017

Long Time Resident “Thank You”

We have so many wonderful residents here at Valley Ridge and so many of them have unique stories that the staff at the Lodge hold dear to their hearts. Here is one such story of one of our longtime residents, and a small way we tried to thank him for all he has done.

Louis Kopp has been a resident of The Lodge at Valley Ridge for 12 years. An unassuming man, he can often be found busying himself around the lodge with a variety of tasks that he has solely become the steward of. He tests the water temperature daily, he delivers memos to residents, shovels the pathways, removes the ice from the sidewalks, and plants every single flower in the flower beds each spring (his favorite hobby of all). And the most remarkable thing about Louis is that he does it without being asked to and without the desire for accolades or praise.

Louis moved into Valley Ridge in June 2005 with his beloved wife Mary. They had a love affair that most people hope for. They met while living in the same apartment complex. Mary was a single mother of two girls and Louis was a hard working bachelor. They fell in love and after only six months of dating they were engaged. They had a long life together, but that was cut short in 2011 when Mary passed away.

Louis misses Mary so much, as one can only imagine, and there is certainly no way for anyone to replace that loss. Yet, despite this reality Louis needed to be thanked, and our Life Enrichment Manger, Jessica Brown decided that the best way to do that would be in the one way that would mean the most to him…with plants.

With Mary having been born in Manitoba, it was decided that a Manitoba Maple would be planted in honour of Louis’ hard work and in memory of his late wife, but apparently a Manitoba Maple isn’t an easy tree to find. They were either too big to transport or far too expensive for our budget. Not wanting to abandon the project, our Marketing Manager Carolyn Maki decided to do a little research. After learning that Aspen trees were the most common tree in Manitoba, she raced out, purchased a beautiful Aspen tree from a local nursery and presented it to Louis. She also presented him with a plaque that will be placed in front of the tree. The plaque reads:

This tree has been planted in memory of Mary Kopp, the beloved wife of Louis Kopp.

In Nature Love Blossoms

Dec 19, 1933 – Mar 3, 2011

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