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What Community Means To Us

If you judge the strength of a community by its bricks and mortar, ours are very impressive. Alternatively, if you judge the strength of a community by the people who call it home – residents and staff alike – ours are truly extraordinary. Our residences are brimming with the camaraderie, the shared laughter, the memories old and new that make a community a truly special place to live and work.

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  • Physical Space

    When someone feels comfortable in a space, truly peaceful and content, they often say they feel ‘at home.’ That’s because our homes are where we feel a true sense of warmth and comfort. Verve doesn’t just feel like home. It feels like your home because we design and operate our communities to meet your needs for physical, social and emotional comfort and stimulation.

  • The People At Verve

    The folks who call Verve communities home don’t behave like typical retirees. Inspired by our operating philosophy, the environment we create and our passionate staff, our residents embrace life and all it has to offer. They continue to reach for their dreams and grow. Our residents are spirited and they embody the meaning of the word Verve.

  • Community At Large

    When you have a strong community of inspired seniors under one roof, each with their own voice and perspective, the impact they can have on the broader community is nothing short of inspiring. Our residents are redefining what seniors are capable of. They are actively and continually contributing to the world beyond our doors. We see it every day.