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Lifestyle & Wellness

Live With Purpose

Sharing experiences, interests, and talents through unexpected and inclusive activities with our residents is a cornerstone in the Verve way of life. It allows us to create a robust and vital give-and-take of positive energy which feeds the spirit. We believe that inspiring our residents and supporting their mind, body and spirit opens the door to achieving better health and well-being.

Spirit: Continuous growth strengthens the entire community.

Every day, we create opportunities for our residents to discover new things about themselves, the people around them and the world we live in, helping redefine what it means to be aging, together.

  • Social
  • Life Enrichment
  • Dining
  • Community
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Socially connected

Staying connected with friends and family encourages a healthier lifestyle — laughter is a little louder, food tastes a little more flavourful, and things just don't seem as hard when it's more than just you. It's vital to keep our social networks strong as we age. And, with ice cream socials, dances, live musical entertainment, as well as our more relaxing movie nights and afternoon teas, we set the stage for new experiences and new friendships so you always feel supported, connected, and engaged.

Each of our communities offer a variety of social activities to keep you busy. These may include:

  1. Happy hour
  2. Dances
  3. Movies
  4. Afternoon tea
  5. Ice cream socials
  6. Musical entertainment
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Opportunities are all around.

Tailoring our activities to accommodate all levels of mobility and skill means that every Verve resident experiences a fulfilling journey of discovery with new friendships, new passions, and most of all, new experiences that promote an active and vital lifestyle. If you're happy with the hobbies you've got, we'll help you pick up right where you left off.

Our communities have a variety of clubs and activities to choose from including:

  1. Knitting, woodworking, gardening, painting, and book clubs
  2. Fitness classes and walking clubs
  3. Fit Minds & More ®
  4. Bingo, cards, and crafts
  5. Movie nights
  6. Shopping outings
  7. Key Wish program
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Redefining home-cooked meals.

Stylish and sophisticated dining rooms, local and fresh ingredients, professional chefs who get to know you and your preferences or nutritional requirements — It feels like having a restaurant in your home, because it is. We know that food is so much more than fuel. It's a social experience, and an essential aspect of maintaining overall health and boosting the spirit. We can't think of anything that can create more happiness than entertaining family and friends over a great meal and leaving the dishes to someone else.

Dining at a Verve residence includes:

  1. Living, Loving, Local food program
  2. Freshly prepared meals
  3. Monthly brunches
  4. Themed meals
  5. Flexible menu options
  6. Dietary accommodations
  7. Restaurant style service, creating a pleasurable dining experience
  8. Holiday celebrations
  9. Special catering
  10. All day bistro dining
  11. Superfoods highlighted on menu
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Contribute to the community, outside and in.

We feel that a sense of belonging starts with a warm welcome — and you can expect that from our resident-run Ambassador Committee. Our communities aren't isolated. Each one is woven into the fabric of the larger neighbourhood. And, with numerous clubs, volunteer programs, inter-generational activities, and participation in local charities, there's more than enough opportunity to get out and make a mark. We feel strongly that each local community can benefit from the wisdom and experience of our residents and their desire to continue to live with purpose — we make sure they do.

Opportunities for community involvement include:

  1. Our Ambassador Program to welcome new residents and prospects to their community
  2. Clubs and committees
  3. Volunteer programs
  4. Offsite marketing with our Lifestyle Managers
  5. Work with local charities
  6. Intergenerational programs

Body: We're all human but you are unique.

As evolving and varied as they may be, we all want our needs met in a certain way. At Verve, we celebrate that. Though the types of care we offer are different, the level of respect and dignity we display is unwavering.

  • Independent Living
  • Personalized Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Short Term
Independent Living

Feel as comfortable and independent as you would in your own home but with the individual attention of a luxury hotel. Include the peace of mind of 24/7 staff and it's a whole other level of comfort. This is your time to spend it as you choose and be as active or relaxed as you'd like. Indulge in new experiences or conquer the projects you always meant to. Living with Verve means living without constraint and taking advantage of all that's available to you.

  1. Choice of accommodation with kitchenette
  2. Meals
  3. Weekly Housekeeping
  4. Activities
  5. Flat linen and weekly towel service
  6. Most utilities
  7. Emergency pendant
  8. Staff available 24/7
  9. Cafe or Bistro open 24/7
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Common Question About Independent Living

Can I come and go as I please?

A. Yes, this is your home and you are more than welcome to come and go as you have always done.

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Personalized Care

People don't always fit neatly into a category and why should they? Sometimes our residents just need a little extra help with certain aspects of independent living. We make it a priority to support changes in lifestyle with all the respect and dignity you deserve. At a Verve community you can choose from an assortment of services and take advantage of all we can offer to smooth out the little bumps along the way.

Everything that you get with Independent living, plus:

  1. Medication assistance
  2. Assistance with light personal services
  3. Bathing assistance
  4. Personal laundry
  5. A la carte care service menu
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Common Question About Personalized Care

How do I determine what level of care I require? 

A. You will meet with our Health and Wellness Manager who will coordinate with your physician to develop your personalized care plan.  This can be reviewed and modified as your care needs change.

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Assisted Living

At Verve, we believe that even those individuals needing some assistance can live purposefully, with spirit, energy and the confidence to participate fully in community and social events. Changing needs are always met with respect by our trained and specialized individual service providers. We ensure that our Assisted Living residents are supported and treated with dignity by offering nightly checks, private dining options and nursing presence close at hand - everything to ensure that quality of life is optimized.

Everything that you’ll get with Personalized Care plus:

  1. Escorting
  2. Night checks
  3. Private dining options
  4. Nursing presence nearby
  5. Specialized activities
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Common Question About Assisted Living

Do you have Nursing staff?

A. Yes, all of our communities have professionally trained nursing staff.

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Memory Care

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to ensuring that our residents who require Memory Care services live with dignity, purpose, and meaning each day. Our specialized programming and care is safety-led and focuses on reducing anxiety for residents and their families. We offer research-based, professionally directed, and completely customizable activities that include brain fitness, cueing, reminder exercises, and medication assistance. These activities help bring out the best in our residents and support a positive outlook and overall mental health.

Everything that you’ll get with Assisted Living plus:

  1. Specialized training for staff
  2. Specialized activities
  3. Secure environment
  4. Some communities offer "Household Suites" with a minimum number of residents in a quiet, comfortable environment
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Common Question About Memory Care

How do I stay active and healthy?

A. We offer a variety of fitness classes, walking clubs and our exclusive Fit Minds and More program.

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Short Term

Short term stays are a wonderful way to experience what inspired senior living is really like. Short term residents come to Verve communities for a variety of reasons, ranging from just testing the waters to post-surgical recovery. Many families also try short term stays when the demands of work or life make it difficult to provide consistent care for loved ones. Short term residents enjoy everything a Verve community offers and can indulge in our fantastic Live, Love, Local dining, community activities, social events, and life enrichment programs to get the most out of their short stay.

  1. Furnished suite (including all utilities, TV and cable)
  2. Kitchenette with microwave & refrigerator
  3. Care services provided based on the resident's needs
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Common Question About Short Term

Do you offer “after hospital” stays?

A. Yes, our communities offer respite/short stays for those needing care after surgery or illness. In addition we offer Trial and Vacation stays if you are interested in seeing what Retirement Living is all about. Join us today!

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