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Family and Visitors

Living With Verve | Family and Visitors

Can my family and/or friends use the amenities at my community?

Yes, depending on availability we would welcome them to use the amenities.

Living With Verve | Family and Visitors

Can I have my family here to celebrate holidays?

Yes, your family can come and join you for meals and activities. You can also request special catering and accommodation for you and your family/friends.

Living With Verve | Family and Visitors

Can my family come and stay overnight with me in my suite?

Yes, they are welcome to come and stay with you in your suite. Also, many of our communities have guest suites available.

Living With Verve | Making The Transition | Family and Visitors | Freedom

Can family and friends come to visit any time?

Family and friends are welcome to come any time to visit.

Living With Verve | Family and Visitors | Safety and Security

How do you monitor visitors?

All visitors are required to sign in at the reception desk so that we know who is in the building at all times.

Living With Verve | Dining and Diet | Family and Visitors | Freedom

Can I have guest join me for meals and is there a cost?

Yes, we welcome your guests for lunch or dinner.  You can choose to have them sit in the dining room with you or reserve the private dining room for larger groups.  There is a cost and it varies by community. We also have Holiday and monthly brunches and special occasion meals that are open for guests. 

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