Living With Verve

Living With Verve | Things To Do

Do you have organized activities?

Our Life Enrichment Managers create a monthly activity calendar based on requests from the residents.  There is always a wide variety of activities to choose from every day.

Living With Verve | Freedom | Things To Do

Do you offer shopping trips and other outings?

Yes, all of our communities provide transportation for shopping trips and fun outings.

Living With Verve | Dining and Diet | Family and Visitors | Freedom

Can I have guest join me for meals and is there a cost?

Yes, we welcome your guests for lunch or dinner.  You can choose to have them sit in the dining room with you or reserve the private dining room for larger groups.  There is a cost and it varies by community. We also have Holiday and monthly brunches and special occasion meals that are open for guests. 

Living With Verve | Dining and Diet | Freedom

What if I do not like what food choices are on the menu?

Each of our communities offers a minimum of 2 entree choices for lunch and dinner.  We also have an a la carte menu available.  Our goal is to ensure that you have an outstanding dining experience.

Living With Verve | Dining and Diet

Are there specific times for meals and assigned seating?

Most of our communities offer open seating and flexible meal times.

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