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Making The Transition

Living With Verve | Making The Transition | Freedom | Moving In

What if I want to change suites once I live there?

Our Lifestyle Manager would be happy to help find you the suite of your dreams, and arrange the internal move.

Making The Transition | Moving In

What do I do with the things I can’t bring?

If you have valuable items, our recommended downsizers and movers will recommend auctioneers, or an estate sale. 

Making The Transition | Moving In

How do I know what to bring to my new home?

Our professional downsizers will draw up a personalized floor plan to make sure that your furniture will fit and look lovely in your new home.

Making The Transition | Moving In

Do you have movers or real estate agents that can help with the transition?

Yes, each community has preferred service providers that can help you with everything – from selling your home to packing, moving and unpacking in your new home. Get in touch with a community near you to learn more about the services offered in that area. 

Making The Transition | Moving In

Do I bring my own furniture when I move in?

Yes, you bring your own furniture as this is your home.

Getting Started | Making The Transition | Finances

Will my rent increase and how often?

Typically the rent increases annually.

Making The Transition | Finances

Are there other costs in addition to the monthly rent?

In most communities the cost for cable, telephone, renter’s insurance and extra care services are in addition to your monthly rent.

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